Monday, July 31, 2017

Week Thirty!!!

Hello, friends! IT'S TRANSFER WEEK! These last 6 weeks in Enrile have actually gone by super fast. It still feels like I just got here. This week was really good. We got a cool call this morning from our AP's letting us now that now it is official, Sister Perez and Sister Fortunado are moving out, and Enrile A and Enrile B are now being combining to one area. So it is now my and Sister Langi's area. Sister Langi just finished her first 12 weeks of training, so I am going to be her follow-up trainer, just like Sister Perez, haha. We are so, so excited to be able to be companions here in Enrile!! Sister Langi already told both of our companions to pack their things and hurry and move out of our house. Hahaha. 

We are currently working with one of the Senior couples to get something figured out about our living situation, because since I've been here (no one has complained about it before me so they haven't done anything about it until now), but our house does not have flowing working water for the majority of the day of most days. The water just doesn't work. Nothing comes out. So our landlord usually fills up these huge jugs of water in the night when the water usually works a little bit better, so then we can have water in the morning when there is no water. But we have to go outside and fill up our buckets in the morning, and take them back into our bathroom in order to bathe, hahaha. So it makes it hard, because then if we don't fill up our water bottles at night (and put them in the fridge), we literally don't have drinkable water in our home, unless we go out and go buy some. So, it's hard, but we are working on it with the senior couples, I guess...

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