Monday, September 11, 2017

Week Thirty-Five!!! 7-31-17

GUESS WHAT FAMILY, I WAS CALLED THIS MORNING TO BE A TRAINER THIS CYCLE. I am going to be a nanay (mom) and iIm going to have an anak (daughter) this week! I'm SO excited!!! I get to go to Cauayan on Tuesday, spend the night there, and then I will meet my anak Wednesday morning. Then we will get to come back to Enrile together. SO IN OTHER NEWS Sister Hiatt heard from someone that my stitches would dissolve BUT it had been a long time, and they WERE DEFINITELY NOT DISSOLVING. In fact, they were HURTING ME ALOT. So this week, I got to play doctor and I took out my stitches myself. So now I am feeling a lot better. From what she was told, Sister Hiatt told me NOT to go back to the doctor, because the stitches were gonna dissolve. But the skin on top of the cut was completely healed, so the stitches were just keeping it from healing. And then on the bottom of the cut, the doctor overlapped the skin so much that it wouldn't heal while the stitches were in. There was just no way. So I took them out myself very carefully. So anyway, there is like specific food that everyone cooks at EVERY FIESTA, and that is THE ONLY food that people have. It's like 4 different dishes, and I'm not sure what any of them are called, haha. Sister Langi really, really likes to cook fried chicken or adobo in our house, so we eat that a lot, hahahaha. I'm really going to miss being companions with Sister Langi so much. She's so dang funny! I really love all the Tongan sisters in the mission. I've been teaching her to speak with an American accent (because she speaks like a Tongan. Her English isn't as good as Sister Fookz's English), so it's super funny to teach her. I miss good American food so much. I miss good bread and butter, and steak, and I REALLY just want a funnel cake. Is that too much to ask from a small American sister missionary in the middle of the Philippines??? BUT, the good news is that I can walk without crutches!!! But I still walk with a limp. Sadface. I still can't bend my knee really or move it too much. Actually, we got the transfer list texted to us this morning, and it said Sister Langi will be transferred. I was a little upset, because its so, so, SO hard to work here in Enrile, because it's literally just so much walking, and so that's been a little bit tough for me. Also everyone, and I mean EVERYONE thought that I was gonna get transferred to the city (most likely Cauayan), so when I saw the transfer list, I told Sister Langi that I was gonna wait until 10AM, and then I was gonna call President to request to be transferred. It's just too hard for me here in my condition. And then at 9:30, the AP's called to tell me that President Hiatt has called me as a trainer! SO, I get to stay here, HAHAHA. But it's okay, because I know that the Lord will help me fulfill this calling, and I know that it's the Lord's sign to me that he really wants me to stay here for some reason even if it's hard for me.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Week Thirty-Four!!! Recovering slowly, but surely

Hello, family! I'm very blessed this week. Last week, I couldn't get out of bed. But today I can walk around (with a weird limp) without even using my crutches. What a blessing. This last week, we had the opportunity on Tuesday to be able to travel to Ilagan (about 2 hours away from Tugue) for our Zone Conference. It was really a blessing that I was feeling well enough to be able to attend. It was a really good Zone Conference; very spiritually uplifting, and I'm excited to apply all the things that I have learned into my work. The whole time we were at the hospitals last week, I had doctors and nurses telling me about how "lucky" I was with everything that happened. They might think I'm lucky, but I know it's because I was blessed and watched over by the Lord. If just a couple things happened slightly differently than they did, I would be having a really rough recovery right now. In such small ways the Lord put his hand into my life, and truly protected me. If I had been sitting differently on that tricycle, my arm definitely would have been broken. If we were hit just half an inch more to the right, my leg would have been broken. And if I had been wearing a shorter or thinner skirt, my leg would have gotten infected far more quickly. The Lord really did protect me in every way that day, so that I was not seriously hurt. How truly blessed and favored of the Lord I am. Being a missionary is hard. Sobrang mahirap talaga. But I know that I'm blessed to be here, and I'm blessed to be the person that the Lord is helping me become.

Week Thirty-Three!!! I got into an accident... BUT I'M OKAY!!!

Mom. I'm late to e-mail, because I can't walk. We are staying with our STL's and had to wait for them to bring me a laptop. We had a tricycle accident yesterday, and I had to go to the Emergency Room. I don't have a lot of time to talk right now, but I am okay. I'm recovering. Tomorrow we have a Zone Conference I am going to, so that I will see President and Sister Hiatt. We will try to go e-mail on Wednesday when we go back to our area, and I will tell you more. Try to add and talk to sister Heidi Ramos on Facebook. She is from the ward, and her family stayed with us in the hospital. They then took me to a better hospital when the first hospital wouldn't help me, and then they took us home. The Ramos family is our favorite family in the ward, so try and see if you can add sister Heidi, and she will try to tell you what happened. I'll try to write a longer e-mail after I send this one, and tell you everything. But this laptop is very slow. I love you very much, family. I am very blessed to be okay. Please pray for a fast recovery for me. I am having a hard time talaga


Week Thirty-Two!!!

​Hi friends!!! Well, we have a baptism this coming Saturday (only one, since we are separating the other ones for next week and the week after that, instead of all together, because they aren't ready yet. We still have to finish some lessons with them). But that's okay! Me and Sister Langi go to the Church-rented meetinghouse to teach them every day, because they live a little farther away. But they have friends who are members that take them to church, so it's easier for us. So we are grateful for that. These past two weeks with Sister Langi have been super fun. I really love being with her. And, I actually think my Tagalog has improved more in the past two weeks than it has in the whole 7 months before this transfer cycle. It's a little bit ridiculous, actually. It's so much better than it was just 4 weeks ago! Which is REALLY cool for me, because it gets me super excited to teach, and contact people, and just talk to everyone, because it's now becoming really fun for me now! Ang Tagalog ko ay pangit parin, but it's a lot more fun now. Sister Langi says she's learning a lot a lot faster now too (even more than when she was with her trainer), so our language study together is actually a lot of fun, since we are both still learning. Our area is still really big and very spread out, so we get to work really hard so we can teach lots of lessons in one day. We have a baptism coming up next Saturday, so the ward is excited, we are excited, and we have a couple more coming up after that, too. It's a lot of fun for us being the only ones in our house now, because we cleaned out EVERYTHING. Our house was super unorganized and really dirty before, so we spent a long time cleaning. But it's finally all nice and clean and comfortable. And Sister Langi always says she can feel the Spirit a lot better in our house now that it's clean and even smells good. (It smells like bleach, haha.) It's really fun, and we are having a really good time. It wasn't as fun to have other people in our house, or to share the ward with any other missionaries. So we really just get to decide what we want to do and how we want to do things.

Week Thirty-One!!!

Hello family! I had a really good week this week. This last week was transfer week, so I got a new area AND got to keep my old area too! They pulled out a set of missionaries from our area, so now there is only me and my companion working in all of Enrile. I am now companions with Sister Langi, which makes me her follow-up trainer. Sister Langi is Tongan (like Sister Fookz), and they actually know each other too, because they went to school together back in Tonga. Me and sister Langi are super best friends, so I really love her. We always made jokes during my very first week in Enrile about me and her becoming companions eventually. It actually happened a lot sooner than we thought! I really love Sister Langi, and I can see the love that she has for missionary work. It's so fun to work with her, and we have endless fun during our days. Sister Langi has only been here in the Philippines for a little more than 12 weeks now, so shes still learning her Tagalog. Which means I get to teach her Tagalog! I thought it would be really hard (for me), since I'm still not perfect at speaking Tagalog either, but being companions with Sister Langi has really helped me learn a lot really fast, and has made me realize that I know a lot more Tagalog than I thought. Our work has also been really good. It was a little bit hard at first, because everyone in the ward was chattering about how the missionary work in Enrile is only going to slow down because there are now only two missionaries here. Not only that, me and Sister Langi's old companions were telling everyone before they left that me and Sister Langi were going to need a lot of help with our work, since we are both foreigners. So, pretty much no one had that much faith in our capability as a companionship. But, even after just one week of working together, me and Sister Langi are doing super well. We are planning for 3 baptisms all on the 22nd of this month. I really love missionary work, and my companion and I are really glad for this opportunity we have to learn and teach together.

Week Thirty!!!

Hello, friends! IT'S TRANSFER WEEK! These last 6 weeks in Enrile have actually gone by super fast. It still feels like I just got here. This week was really good. We got a cool call this morning from our AP's letting us now that now it is official, Sister Perez and Sister Fortunado are moving out, and Enrile A and Enrile B are now being combining to one area. So it is now my and Sister Langi's area. Sister Langi just finished her first 12 weeks of training, so I am going to be her follow-up trainer, just like Sister Perez, haha. We are so, so excited to be able to be companions here in Enrile!! Sister Langi already told both of our companions to pack their things and hurry and move out of our house. Hahaha. 

We are currently working with one of the Senior couples to get something figured out about our living situation, because since I've been here (no one has complained about it before me so they haven't done anything about it until now), but our house does not have flowing working water for the majority of the day of most days. The water just doesn't work. Nothing comes out. So our landlord usually fills up these huge jugs of water in the night when the water usually works a little bit better, so then we can have water in the morning when there is no water. But we have to go outside and fill up our buckets in the morning, and take them back into our bathroom in order to bathe, hahaha. So it makes it hard, because then if we don't fill up our water bottles at night (and put them in the fridge), we literally don't have drinkable water in our home, unless we go out and go buy some. So, it's hard, but we are working on it with the senior couples, I guess...

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week Twenty-Nine!!!

This week was really fun. Last week was the bishop's daughter's birthday, So we all celebrated at the Church meeting house and had dinner and cake. And then, for some reason, all the youth thought it would be fun to smash cake into all of our faces, lol. Yeah, the pictures I sent you guys were from the last zone conference, so I just got that dress. My hair isn't shorter, hahahaha. We had zone conference, and it was really spiritually uplifting and such, haha. We talked about having quiet dignity and reverence and it just so happened that this was a day after the cake incident, so all of us were a little bit guilty, haha. But other than that, not a whole lot happened this week. It's getting close to transfers, because this is the last full week of the cycle. So we are all anxious to see what will happen specifically to our area. It's crazy! Soooo many missionaries are going home this cycle. Every single sister companionship in our zone will probably get a new companion, because so many things are changing. We are all so excited!!!