Monday, June 26, 2017

Week Twenty-Nine!!!

This week was really fun. Last week was the bishop's daughter's birthday, So we all celebrated at the Church meeting house and had dinner and cake. And then, for some reason, all the youth thought it would be fun to smash cake into all of our faces, lol. Yeah, the pictures I sent you guys were from the last zone conference, so I just got that dress. My hair isn't shorter, hahahaha. We had zone conference, and it was really spiritually uplifting and such, haha. We talked about having quiet dignity and reverence and it just so happened that this was a day after the cake incident, so all of us were a little bit guilty, haha. But other than that, not a whole lot happened this week. It's getting close to transfers, because this is the last full week of the cycle. So we are all anxious to see what will happen specifically to our area. It's crazy! Soooo many missionaries are going home this cycle. Every single sister companionship in our zone will probably get a new companion, because so many things are changing. We are all so excited!!!

Week Twenty-Eight!!!

Well, we had interviews with President Hiatt and he told me that what his plan is right now (nothing is set yet). So, we have 4 missionaries in our ward, right? Enrile A and B. We are B. Enrile A has the main town and roads, and we have ALLLLL of the bukid and barrio. So, what President Hiatt wants to do (because the mission is losing a lot of sisters and not gaining many sisters and because our area has been rough lately) is he wants to combine the two areas, and pull out 2 sisters to move them somewhere else. He wants to keep me here, and have me be the follow-up trainer of one of the sisters from Enrile A, who is training right now. She is also full Tongan, and I get along with her more than anyone else in the house, so we are really hoping that it happens, haha. So it means our area will be HUGE, but President Hiatt will only want us to focus on the area of strength which will be closest to the church meeting house. And here, they speak Tagalog, Ilocano, and Etowis. Etowis is only spoken here in Tuguegarao South. And a LOT of the old people only speak Etowis. But, they know more English than Tagalog, hahah. I'm okay at Tagalog. Sometimes, it's super easy for me, and other times it's hard. And it's hard being with Sister Perez, because she grew up in the states, but she is full Filipino. So she picked up the language fast, because her parents speak Tagalog to them at home, so she's kinda impatient and snooty sometimes, because I simply don't know the language. But I gave her a long talk about how that's not the case. Me and sister Fukofuka were both foreigners who couldn't speak the language perfectly, but our area in Bambang was more progressive than the area here, even though they could both speak straight Tagalog, and had no problems with the language. 

The bugs are HUGE HERE. That's why it's nice in Bambang, but not here. ITS TERRIFYING HERE! I killed a spider the size of a penny, but that was just one of the small ones. There are bigger ones here. IN OUR HOUSE. 


Week Twenty-Seven!!!

Hi friends!!

Nothing super exciting has happened, but President responded to me last week, and said that we will talk about things during interviews this week, because our zone has our interviews on Friday. But other than some issues here, the work has been getting good. I'm teaching Sister Perez how to best get people to progress, and we have some really progressing investigators now. It's just hard, because they just so happen to be in our farthest areas. But there is like 4 or 5 of them that are doing super well, so yay! I love you guys! Have a good week!!

Week Twenty-Six!!!

Hi, friends!

Well... The work is super hard here, actually. I'll send you a pic of all my area consists of​ (lots and LOTS of bukid, which is farmland). ​THAT IS ALL THERE IS HERE!! We are an hour away from Tuguegarao City. Clear in the bukid (farm land). Our farthest proselyting area is over an hour car ride from our house. ​So there's this family, the Binarao family. They are all recent converts, and their house is in our farthest area. But, I like them the best so far out of everyone in the ward (don't tell anyone, haha). They already found me on Facebook, apparently, haha! They are really, really nice, and their little daughters are hilarious! Did I mention that our ward meets at a meeting house in the middle of a little, teeny grove? Hahah, it's a ward (not a branch), but we don't have a chapel yet, here in Enrile. The closest chapel is in Tugue City, which again, is an hour away BY CAR.



Week Twenty-Five!!!

Hello friends from Tuguegarao!! 

Okay, so... I'm in Tugue South in Enrile Ward. Our area is SOOO spread out, it takes over an hour for us to get to the end limit of our area... So work is... Hard. Sister Perez is my new companion, she is full Filipino, but born and raised in the state in Utah! I am her follow-up trainer, because she just finished her training. We have two kabahay. One of them is still in her training (she is also Tongan), and so me and her are BFF's, too, because she went to school with Sister Fookz. It's a hard, hard area, and not a lot of work was happening when I first got here. Soooo, lots of changes are in the works and soon to come. Everyone here speaks Tagalog or Etowis, so I am out of Ilokano speaking land for a while, haha. Honestly, this has been a really hard week. I'm okay, it's just hard in this area, because returning back to our house during the day isn't really an option, because it's so far away, and our area is literally only bukid (farm) and barrio (neighborhood). Soooo, there's a lot of walking, and walking, and walking...

Week Twenty-Four!!!

I just got a call for transfers, and I am going to Tuguegarao North, Enrile Zone! I started at the bottom of the mission, and now I am going all the way up to the northernmost, hottest part of the mission, haha! It's definitely more urban than here in Bambang, but at the same time, I'm going out to the most bukid area (which is like farm land). But my last STL (who is going home this week) used to be in the same area, and she really, really liked it there. She said it was really progressing, so I am excited. We go Wednesday morning, and I will go to Cauayan with the others from my zone that are being transferred (which is half of us). And then, we will go with whoever is going to our same areas with them. Last night, the Igna family (Joker, Reinna, and Junerey) had my going away FHE at their house, and they all put their money together to buy me this little cake, because I've gotten cakes for all of them for their birthdays. And it was the nicest little thing ever! I am waiting for the picture to load, so I can send it to you guys. My favorite other missionary from my batch, Sister Degilo, just called us (they are in solano right now), and she is going to Tugegarao, too. But, their phone cut off before she could tell me if she is going to north or south. So, I guess I'll just have to wait and see, haha.

Week Twenty-Three! Mother's Day Call!!!

Hi family, 

Happy Mother's Day! I am really glad I was able to talk to you guys today. It was really nice for me. I am so grateful to kuya eron and Ate Rachelle for their continual kindness towards us, whenever we need anything. They really are my family here, so I will be so sad to eventually leave. I told them I am definitely going to convince President that I need to go to their temple sealing next year right before I go home, haha. Concerning my health, I'm okay, and I will continue to do all I can to always be in good health. So it will all be okay, I am starting to feel better, and I will continually get my condition checked and worked on. I miss you guys lots, and hope you all have a good week!!!