Monday, July 31, 2017

Week Thirty-One!!!

Hello family! I had a really good week this week. This last week was transfer week, so I got a new area AND got to keep my old area too! They pulled out a set of missionaries from our area, so now there is only me and my companion working in all of Enrile. I am now companions with Sister Langi, which makes me her follow-up trainer. Sister Langi is Tongan (like Sister Fookz), and they actually know each other too, because they went to school together back in Tonga. Me and sister Langi are super best friends, so I really love her. We always made jokes during my very first week in Enrile about me and her becoming companions eventually. It actually happened a lot sooner than we thought! I really love Sister Langi, and I can see the love that she has for missionary work. It's so fun to work with her, and we have endless fun during our days. Sister Langi has only been here in the Philippines for a little more than 12 weeks now, so shes still learning her Tagalog. Which means I get to teach her Tagalog! I thought it would be really hard (for me), since I'm still not perfect at speaking Tagalog either, but being companions with Sister Langi has really helped me learn a lot really fast, and has made me realize that I know a lot more Tagalog than I thought. Our work has also been really good. It was a little bit hard at first, because everyone in the ward was chattering about how the missionary work in Enrile is only going to slow down because there are now only two missionaries here. Not only that, me and Sister Langi's old companions were telling everyone before they left that me and Sister Langi were going to need a lot of help with our work, since we are both foreigners. So, pretty much no one had that much faith in our capability as a companionship. But, even after just one week of working together, me and Sister Langi are doing super well. We are planning for 3 baptisms all on the 22nd of this month. I really love missionary work, and my companion and I are really glad for this opportunity we have to learn and teach together.

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