Monday, July 31, 2017

Week Thirty-Two!!!

​Hi friends!!! Well, we have a baptism this coming Saturday (only one, since we are separating the other ones for next week and the week after that, instead of all together, because they aren't ready yet. We still have to finish some lessons with them). But that's okay! Me and Sister Langi go to the Church-rented meetinghouse to teach them every day, because they live a little farther away. But they have friends who are members that take them to church, so it's easier for us. So we are grateful for that. These past two weeks with Sister Langi have been super fun. I really love being with her. And, I actually think my Tagalog has improved more in the past two weeks than it has in the whole 7 months before this transfer cycle. It's a little bit ridiculous, actually. It's so much better than it was just 4 weeks ago! Which is REALLY cool for me, because it gets me super excited to teach, and contact people, and just talk to everyone, because it's now becoming really fun for me now! Ang Tagalog ko ay pangit parin, but it's a lot more fun now. Sister Langi says she's learning a lot a lot faster now too (even more than when she was with her trainer), so our language study together is actually a lot of fun, since we are both still learning. Our area is still really big and very spread out, so we get to work really hard so we can teach lots of lessons in one day. We have a baptism coming up next Saturday, so the ward is excited, we are excited, and we have a couple more coming up after that, too. It's a lot of fun for us being the only ones in our house now, because we cleaned out EVERYTHING. Our house was super unorganized and really dirty before, so we spent a long time cleaning. But it's finally all nice and clean and comfortable. And Sister Langi always says she can feel the Spirit a lot better in our house now that it's clean and even smells good. (It smells like bleach, haha.) It's really fun, and we are having a really good time. It wasn't as fun to have other people in our house, or to share the ward with any other missionaries. So we really just get to decide what we want to do and how we want to do things.

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