Monday, July 31, 2017

Week Thirty-Four!!! Recovering slowly, but surely

Hello, family! I'm very blessed this week. Last week, I couldn't get out of bed. But today I can walk around (with a weird limp) without even using my crutches. What a blessing. This last week, we had the opportunity on Tuesday to be able to travel to Ilagan (about 2 hours away from Tugue) for our Zone Conference. It was really a blessing that I was feeling well enough to be able to attend. It was a really good Zone Conference; very spiritually uplifting, and I'm excited to apply all the things that I have learned into my work. The whole time we were at the hospitals last week, I had doctors and nurses telling me about how "lucky" I was with everything that happened. They might think I'm lucky, but I know it's because I was blessed and watched over by the Lord. If just a couple things happened slightly differently than they did, I would be having a really rough recovery right now. In such small ways the Lord put his hand into my life, and truly protected me. If I had been sitting differently on that tricycle, my arm definitely would have been broken. If we were hit just half an inch more to the right, my leg would have been broken. And if I had been wearing a shorter or thinner skirt, my leg would have gotten infected far more quickly. The Lord really did protect me in every way that day, so that I was not seriously hurt. How truly blessed and favored of the Lord I am. Being a missionary is hard. Sobrang mahirap talaga. But I know that I'm blessed to be here, and I'm blessed to be the person that the Lord is helping me become.

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