Monday, June 26, 2017

Week Twenty-Two!!!

Hello family,

This week was really fun for me. On Saturday, Ate Rachelle got baptized, and it was the baptism that everyone in our whole branch has been waiting for, for over a year now! So it was super duper exciting. We really, really love Ate, and we were glad that we got to be here to see her get baptized. On Friday, we got to go to Solano (which is about 45 minutes away) to do our splits with our STL's. So we went and worked in their area, and then we stayed with them in their apartment until Saturday morning. It turns out that this was the first time that my companion and I have traveled somewhere far from our area by ourselves. We definitely got a little bit lost on the way there, BUT, after 2 jeepney rides and two tricycle rides, we finally found our way there, hahaha. On Thursday, a missionary that used to serve in Bambang 2 came back to visit with his whole family. So the branch had a party at the Church, and we all had lechon and had lunch there. So it was pretty cool, I must say. Other than that, we haven't done anything too big this week, but it was a great week for sure! 

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