Monday, June 26, 2017

Week Twenty-One!!!

Hi family, 
This week was really fun! On Thursday, our zone went to Zone Conference in Santiago. Like I've said before, it's about an hour and a half away with no traffic and about 3 hours away when there is traffic. This time, we all decided to take a jeepney there, instead of riding a van, because there was someone in one of our branches who owned a jeepney and offered to take us. It was a lot more fun for us that way, so we all really liked it. While we were in Santiago, Uncle Jomel came and visited me at the chapel. It was really, really cool getting to meet him and talk about grandpa and grandma with him. He met my Mission Presidents, too. It's the coolest thing ever, because he also served here in the Cauayan mission, and his second area was Bambang 2, so we know all the same people which is pretty special. A lot of the recent converts he taught, and less actives that he reactivated, and people in general that he worked with, are all the people I work with now. So it's pretty fun to talk to him about my area, because we are close with all of the same people. I really love Uncle Jomel, and I want to come back to visit him after my mission. On Saturday, we had a baptism! Tatay Diosdado Dennis Telan was finally baptized! It was really special for him, and a day he has been looking forward to, since we first started teaching him. The work here in Bambang is just the best, I really love it here!!!

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