Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week Twenty!!!

My week was really good. I have more funny stories, too. SO, remember where we left off on my last e-mail I told you about me and my companion's adventures in Western Union and how I convinced them to give us her money? Well, right after that all happened, we went back to our house to use the bathroom, and then discovered that our power was out. Lately, our whole town has been having a lot of "brownouts" (or blackouts as they are called in America), so we thought it was just another brownout. But then, we realized that it was only us, so then we realized it was because we had not paid our power bill, because it was due the day we went to the hospital. So, we hadn't paid it. So we got Reinna to show us where the municipal hall was, but they were closed. So they told us to go to the area manager's house, and see if he was there. So we went there, but the area manager was not there, but his daughter was. So I just made myself cry a little bit (just like Auston used to), and told them how badly we needed them to turn on our power right away. They made us pay a little extra, but they did it for us hahaha. The next day, the whole town had a brownout for like 10 hours, which was hard because me and my companion had to be in our apartment most of that time (because we were weekly planning; it was a Friday). I was telling President Butay (our branch president) later that day about how I can't just deal with it when it is that hot. And he told us he would talk to our landlord (which he is related to) who also lives by us, and he would ask him to install AC into our apartment, hahaha. Our area is so great. Other than that nothing too big has happened lately.

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