Monday, June 26, 2017

Week Twenty-Four!!!

I just got a call for transfers, and I am going to Tuguegarao North, Enrile Zone! I started at the bottom of the mission, and now I am going all the way up to the northernmost, hottest part of the mission, haha! It's definitely more urban than here in Bambang, but at the same time, I'm going out to the most bukid area (which is like farm land). But my last STL (who is going home this week) used to be in the same area, and she really, really liked it there. She said it was really progressing, so I am excited. We go Wednesday morning, and I will go to Cauayan with the others from my zone that are being transferred (which is half of us). And then, we will go with whoever is going to our same areas with them. Last night, the Igna family (Joker, Reinna, and Junerey) had my going away FHE at their house, and they all put their money together to buy me this little cake, because I've gotten cakes for all of them for their birthdays. And it was the nicest little thing ever! I am waiting for the picture to load, so I can send it to you guys. My favorite other missionary from my batch, Sister Degilo, just called us (they are in solano right now), and she is going to Tugegarao, too. But, their phone cut off before she could tell me if she is going to north or south. So, I guess I'll just have to wait and see, haha.

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