Monday, June 26, 2017

Week Twenty-Five!!!

Hello friends from Tuguegarao!! 

Okay, so... I'm in Tugue South in Enrile Ward. Our area is SOOO spread out, it takes over an hour for us to get to the end limit of our area... So work is... Hard. Sister Perez is my new companion, she is full Filipino, but born and raised in the state in Utah! I am her follow-up trainer, because she just finished her training. We have two kabahay. One of them is still in her training (she is also Tongan), and so me and her are BFF's, too, because she went to school with Sister Fookz. It's a hard, hard area, and not a lot of work was happening when I first got here. Soooo, lots of changes are in the works and soon to come. Everyone here speaks Tagalog or Etowis, so I am out of Ilokano speaking land for a while, haha. Honestly, this has been a really hard week. I'm okay, it's just hard in this area, because returning back to our house during the day isn't really an option, because it's so far away, and our area is literally only bukid (farm) and barrio (neighborhood). Soooo, there's a lot of walking, and walking, and walking...

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