Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week Nineteen!!!

Hi family, 
This week was pretty boring actually. Last week was transfer week, and one of my BFF's in the mission, Elder Estauria, was transferred. Which was super sad, because this is his last cycle before he goes home, so because we are not allowed to gather in groups of more than 4 in public places to do activites, me, Elder Estauria, and our other BFF Elder Storrer gathered in Save More (the grocery store), and we made all of our companions sit together on a bench 10 feet away from us while us three said our goodbyes. It was pretty funny, actually. Easter here in the Philippines isn't too much fun. NO chocolate eggs, NO Easter Bunny, and NO mention of Easter Sunday. They only "celebrate" Good Friday. So on Sunday, not a single talk, and not even a single greeting of "Happy Easter", which made me so, so sad. I didn't realize before how much I really, really loved Easter Sunday until I came here. Could you send me some of those chocolate cadbury eggs? That might ease my sorrows. Other than that, just the usual week of wandering in far-off places and trying to stay clean as we are completely surrounded by dirt and unclean things. Haha. I miss you guys lots and lots, and I am always so surprised when I see pictures of Nika and Auston and see how much they are growing. I always tell my companion stories about them and now she thinks they are the coolest people ever. It's gotten very, very hot here. Like, it's unreal. And this is supposed to be the coldest area in the whole mission, so I would honestly hate to be anywhere else during this time of the year, hahaha. The rain in really fun though, just not when we forget to close the windows in our house, haha. But anyway, just another week here in the great Bambang 2!

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