Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week Sixteen!!!

Hi family,

This week was pretty good, we were supposed to go to Solano and have splits with our STLs there in their area this last week. But, because my companion was sick, we had to reschedule. Which was sad, but also I am a little relieved, because I was really nervous for that, because they would have been evaluating me and how well I do things. So yeah, lots of pressure. We got to stay in our apartment for a couple days this last week, which was a nice little break, but we were both so bored and we just wanted to go work. It was also a little discouraging this last week, because we were supposed to have another baptism on Saturday, but we ended up needing to postpone it, because of a few complications with the Investigator. It was really discouraging for me and my companion, but it's okay, because it helps us to remember to be humble to the Lord, especially when it comes to peoples' conversions. It's about the Lord's timing for people, and not our timing. We had Branch Council meeting yesterday at Church in our Branch, and our branch president says that he wishes me and my companion could stay in his Branch for the rest of our missions, haha. It was also a little discouraging, because in the council meeting, one of the counselors said that there was someone in the Branch that was complaining about how often we visit one of our Investigators' houses, because they live right next to them. Which was really frustrating for me and my companion, because we couldn't understand why they would gossip about us like that when we are just trying our best to do our work and mind our own business. Our Branch President is so great to us, though, and his response was "Maybe you should tell those members to try and help the missionaries go on visits, and fellowship their neighbors, then. So that the missionaries won't have to keep going there all the time." Hahaha. For me and my companion this week, we just had to learn a lot about doing our best, and then letting the Lord take care of the rest. Sometimes, we can both feel it, that certain people don't like that two foreigners are assigned together here, and some people treat us like we can't handle it. But, I just remember that verse in D&C 123:17, and that's how me and my companion are in our Work. We cheerfully do everything in our power here in Bambang, and then we just have that assurance that the Lord will take care of the rest.

I love you guys! Bye!!!

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