Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week Seventeen!!!

This week was really fun! 

So, on Tuesday we all got to cram into a car once again for another hour-and-a-half to drive to Santiago for our Zone Conference. It was very uplifting and a really good experience to be taught by President and Sister Hiatt and our AP's, However, we aren't sure why, but we got very sick, so the trip was no fun at all for us. But now, me and Sister Fookz and more careful about what we eat. On Saturday, we had our service for the week, which was really fun, and we brought Elias and Marlon, two brothers that we have been teaching, with us (because it is required that we have our Baptismal Candidates participate in service). And Marlon was baptized two weeks ago, and Elias was getting baptized that day. Also, they both really like Sister Fookz and me, so they actually wanted to come with us, haha. Also on Saturday, we had two baptisms, which was really, really exciting! We also found two Part-Member Families, where the dads really want to be baptized soon. So, me and my companion are just so excited about all of our Work. It's summer here, which means it's SUPER hot all morning long, and then it rains insanely hard almost every night, which you guys know is just so fun for me. One night, it rained harder than I have ever seen in my whole life while we were out working, so me and my companion just played in the rain outside our Investigator's house. She thought it was so funny! I guess people here just don't like the rain as much as I do, hahaha.​

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