Monday, March 13, 2017

Week Fifteen!!!

Hi family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNER! Don't get too old while I'm gone! 

My week was really good! On thursday, one of our favorite Nanay's in the branch took me and my companion out to dinner along with all her kids at the nicest restaurant here in town and its was seriously the best. We were so grateful, haha. This past week, me and my companion were able to get a lot done, and meet a lot of new people, and visit some places in our areas that we haven't been to before. There are rumors going around that they are going to add sisters into our area since me and my companion are the only sisters in the zone, and split our area since our area is SO big. But, me and my companion don't want that to happen, because we really like being the only sisters, and we don't want to have to share our house with anyone, because it's kind of a secret that we have the nicest house in the whole mission, haha, especially because it's huge, there is only two of us, and we don't want more people knowing about it. So, we just really hope they don't put in more sisters here, hahahahaha. But it's just starting to get really, really hot here. Everyone says that March is the hottest month of the year here in Bambang, and Summer is just starting. It is SO hot. Like, I can't even handle it. Me and my companion just make sure we always walk under our umbrellas, and we stop to get a drink every so often throughout the day. It's funny, because all the Elders in our zone know that we have the best area with the best branch, so they always ask us anytime they see us how often we have dinner appointments with the members. So we tell them that we have dinner almost every single night! We even have investigators that invite us over for lunch and dinner all the time, haha, so we are DEFINITELY very blessed in our area. Something really cool happened this week! I got a Baptism!! It was my first baptism, so it was super exciting! Marlon got baptized on Saturday, and now he is really looking forward to next year, when he will be able to go serve his own mission! It's pretty exciting, so me and my companion are very, very grateful for all the opportunities in this area that the Lord is blessing us with, especially right now. I love you guys!!!

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