Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week Eighteen!!!

Hi family!!!

This week sure was a long one. Wednesday, we had a CSP (Community Service Project) here in our area for one of our investigators, our part-member family where tatay is blind, so they always need some extra help. We did a lot of yard work, and here in the Philippines, people just burn their trash. So, while we were still working, one of the children thought they would be "helping" if they lit the trash and leaves on fire before we were done. So we had the pleasure of working in the smoke. After that though, Marlon (our recent convert) called us, and wanted us to come over for dinner because he was celebrating his moving up in school. So of course, we had to do what we usually do, and get a cake for the occasion. The next day (Thursday), me and my companion only went out to work for a short period, and then we had to come home because we were both feeling sick. We asked our STL's to come check on us, but they were in Cauayan for a meeting and didn't get back to their area until 10:30pm, so they couldn't come over until the very next day. So Friday morning, our STL's came over to our house, looked at us, and decided that we needed to go to a hospital. We went to the closest hospital (right outside our area, but it is also a public hospital where a LOT of people were, so our STL's didn't want us to go there). So, they took us to the closest private hospital, which was in their area in Solano (which is about 45 minutes away from our area in Bambang), and we finally got there Friday afternoon. After our check-up, the doctor concluded that I had a UTI and Pneumonia, and my companion had Pneumonia. They insisted that we be contained, which means we were not allowed to leave the Hospital. Our Zone Leaders from Bambang came to see us, and brought us snacks, and wanted to give us a blessing. But while they were there, one of our Zone Leaders felt sick as well, and also got a check-up. The doctor had decided that he had Pneumonia too, and also needed to be contained. We convinced the Branch President in Solano to bring the Conference to us, because it was being broadcast here on Saturday and Sunday. But because we couldn't leave the hospital, we were going to miss it. So Saturday night, we and our zone leaders were crowded into one little hospital room, and watched general conference on a tiny little portable DVD player together, while the nurses and doctors came in and out of the room. They constantly were very curious as to what we were watching there. They wanted us to stay in the Hospital for 4 more days, but I told them I couldn't do that, and I insisted that we leave after the 2nd day of being there. So yesterday morning (Sunday), after a VERY long process of paperwork, we finally got to go home. By the time we got to Bambang, it was raining harder than I have ever seen in my whole life. But our Branch President brought us food, and me and my companion just went to sleep. We all realized that we had gotten sick because of the air we were breathing while we did CSP, and I had gotten a UTI NOT because I was dehydrated, but it was because I refused to use the restroom anywhere else besides our apartment. Also, apparently we eat too many salty foods. So don't worry mom and dad, I really do drink enough water, I promise, and I'm okay, now. I am still on antibiotics for the next week, and I have to go back to the hospital next week for a check-up. But it's okay, we're fine. On the bright side, we found out who is getting transferred this morning, and we are both staying here in Bambang!!!  

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