Friday, January 6, 2017

Week Five!!!

Hi mom hi!
So, I am going to take out cash at the ATM later today. Physically, I am doing really well. Sister Stoddard and I work out together every day that we have gym time, and I'll run a couple miles with her. And then, we will do crunches, and sit-ups, and stuff like that. I got cookies from the Drapers, and it was really nice, because I was having a really hard day that day, so it was so nice to get them. They were so cute, I'll have to send you a picture. I shared them with Sister Olsen, and then gave them to all 7 of us in my district. I don't absolutely need anything, BUT, if you happen to send a package to Cauayan at any point, please send me some of the face wash I like, because I'm almost out of mine. I will probably buy some at the store before I leave, but it's not the kind I like. I don't think I need anything else... I can't think of anything right now, but I will be calling you at the airport next week, depending on how long my layover time lasts, so I can talk for a long time. I'll be leaving the MTC on Wednesday at 1:50 so anytime after that, I might be calling. I love you and I miss you all!

-- Sister Leilani Parke

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