Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week Four!!!

Kumusta kayo?

Hi mom hi, Christmas was really good. Like I said, Dallin H. Oaks and his family came and had a devotional with us and then him and his wife stayed for Sacrament meeting. I was chosen right at Sacrament meeting started as one of like 20 people here in the MTC out of like 3,000 people who were maybe gonna give a talk. I'm a little sad that there wasn't enough time for me to actually give my talk, but also quite relieved because I was super nervous. I got moved all the way up front though, and sat right in front of the Apostle and his wife, so that was really, really cool. Later that night, David Archuleta came for our night devotional to sing to us, and then I got to meet him with all the girls in our zone, haha! 

For Christmas, I decided I would get every person in our zone (and my little Finnish speaking companion Sister Olsen)  a candy cane, and write a little note for them to give to them on Christmas, so everyone would have something. I felt the prompting a few days before Christmas to make sure I got something for kasama ko too, so I got her a couple little pictures of Christ and a necklace that had a heart and treble clef mixed together (because she is a music major). Turns out that, on Christmas, she was unable to get a hold of her family (but it's okay, because she got to call them the next day) but at the time, she was very sad, so it was nice that when she was feeling sad that I could give her a little gift so she would have a good day, as well. 
We did Secret Santa for each other, and the elder who got my name was an elder in my district named Elder Hayes. He is the one who always tells me ridiculously long jokes, and so he got me this little notebook and put a note inside that said: "Sister Parke, you probably don't remember, but the first week we were here, you told me to get a notebook and fill it with all my jokes and funny drawings. So, I did, and I hope it helps to keep you entertained during your mission." He filled it with jokes and drawings and got me a bag of jolly ranchers, because I had been talking about how much I liked those. It was a very nice gift, and it was pretty funny, too. Sister Olsen gave me a necklace that her mom made (since her mom owns a little jewelry store), and its just a little charm with the letters "ABF" on it. She said that her and her mom came up with it to stand for "Always Be Fearless", and so that was really cool.

Today, since the temple was closed, we didn't get to do a session. BUT, we got to go clean it, and we got to go with Sister Olsen's District, too, which was nice because her and I just got to be paired up and we got to clean the crystal chandeliers. It was a pretty cool experience. 

I didn't take too many pictures this week, but I did take some from Christmas morning, Christmas night, and then the Temple this morning, as we were walking to it!

I love you guys a lot, and I miss you a lot!

--Sister Leilani Parke

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