Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week Six! Leaving the MTC!!!

Hi mom hi!
I'm so excited and so ready to leave but I will miss these people so much. We found out recently that we have 3 maybe 5 people who have visa delays so I am so so sad to leave those people behind, I already packed my camera cord, so I can't send pictures right now. I only have a couple minutes, but we all took pictures together before we left, and I took some with my favorite elders. I got to see elder Neil L. Anderson at last night's devotional. That means I've seen 3 apostles! Okay, I have to go now, beause it's time to go to the airport! I miss you all and I love you! I'll call you soon, too, once I get to the airport!

*2 Days Later...*

Hi mom, we landed here at about 11A.M.! It is now almost 6P.M.! I love it here, the MTC is super pretty and it's REALLY warm! I'm so excited to be here and I actually wish we could stay for more than just 5 days here. Tomorrow, we actually get to go out and proselyte in Manila, and I'm really excited for that! I wish I had time to send you some pictures but that will have to wait. Bye mom!!!

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