Monday, February 27, 2017

Week Twelve!!!

Hi, Mom! Hi, friends!

SO on Wednesday morning, I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Fukofuka, she is Tongan, and this is her 2nd area. She has only been in the mission for 6 months, and she comes from the very farthest part of the mission up north, so she went from the hottest area in the mission to now  - here in Bambang - the coldest area in the mission. I love her lots, and I love her desire to do this work. We are both new to this area since I have only been here for a couple weeks, and the members of the area told us that they have never had two foreigners assigned as companions here in this area before. At least one of the missionaries has always been a native Filipino. But, they also told us that they really like us here and really like having two foreigners to mess with. This next week I will be traveling to Santiago with my zone on Wednesday to do Zone Conference with 4 other zones and with President and Sister Hiatt. On Thursday, I will be traveling to Cauayan for a 4-week check-up on our training. And then, because our area is so far from Cauayan, we will be staying in Cauayan overnight, because on Friday we will all come to Cauayan to see Elder David A. Bednar. I am really excited for this week, and really excited for all the work me and my companion get to do is this area.​

We celebrated Sister Reina's birthday with them the night before her actual birthday. They invited us over for dinner (which is hard for them, because although they live in their grandma's nice home, they do not have a lot of money. So they don't ever get to invite us over for dinner even though we spend a lot of time with them). So for her birthday, me and my companion got her a cute little cake from this bakery down the road. We also made spaghetti for her, and then made pancakes at her house with her. She cried when we got there, because she had never had a fancy cake for her birthday before. She was so happy. Sister Reina and her brothers, Joker and June Ray, are our branch mission leaders. They always help us out a lot, especially right now, because I am new to this area and so is my companion. They are both always willing to walk around town with us and show us who lives where. They took us hiking this morning up to they very top of the town. And up at the top of this mountain, there is a cross there, so they all thought it was so funny when I told them about Idaho's Table Rock! ALSO, I saw and caught a lightning bug the other day. I had never seen one before in my life, so I was so excited and all the little kids I was with were laughing at me.

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