Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week Thirteen!!!

Hi, Friends!!!

First we had to travel to Santiago on Tuesday for zone conference with President and Sister Hiatt and half of the zones here in the mission and its was really nice I definitely learned a lot but I was so so car sick on the way there and the way back even after I took my medicine! But it was really cool because the sisters who are assigned there say that they know Jomel Delector and they were excited to meet me. There was also a nanay helping out at the church and she looked for me so that she could meet me because she knows Jomel and he couldn't be there that day but she wanted to come say hi to me for him. She was so cute and she was so excited to tell all the other missionaries that were there about how I have a cousin there in Santiago, haha. On Thursday, we had to leave at 6AM to go to Cauayan because I had my new missionary meeting at the mission home which was also fun but also very very car sick. That day we got to go work in Cauayan with the STL's in their area there and then stay the night at their apartment. On Friday, David A. Bednar came and talked to us and it was so, so cool. He just did question and answer with us for 3 hours and he taught us a lot about how we should be teaching others. We got to take a picture with him and our whole mission and it was really cool, because I got to sit like right behind him in the picture haha and I got to sit in the very front row in the chapel while he spoke to us! Saturday was also really cool because once we got back to Bambang, Sister Hiatt called us and asked if her and the other wife in the presidency, Sister Jones, could come work with me and my companion in our area. They both told us that we are doing really well and they are proud of us for how much we are improving our area. They stayed for district conference with all the branches in our zone. On Sunday, me and my companion had a lot of our investigators there, so President Hiatt told us that he was glad that he could tell we were working hard.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK TO MY FAVORITE LITTLE BROTHER. I took this picture this morning before we left to go e-mail, haha. But anyways, hope it's the best birthday ever!! I miss you so, so much my friend, and I am so excited to see how much you've grown up while I've been gone!!

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