Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week Ten!!!

Hi, friends!
I'm doing really well. I'm so sad, though, because our trip to Banawe and the Rice Terraces this morning was cancelled :( But hopefully we still get to go soon. We are going to talk about it more tomorrow (Tuesday) at district meeting, so then we can all be there to discuss it. Every 15 days, we get 3800 pesos and sometimes that's really hard to keep on budget, because like at the beginning of the month, we have to pay for our utilities and rent and stuff. And that's hard, because in our house it's just me and my comp, but I think next cycle we are going to have kabahay (other sisters to come live with us), which will be nice to split the rent 4 ways instead of just two. We have a lot of youth who want to come work with us almost every day and when they work with us, so it's hard, because if we take jeepneys or tricycles, we have to take turns paying for whichever youth is going with us too. Often times the youth that come with us are the ones who are poor and barely have a house and often don't have food in their homes, either. So, sometimes my companion and I will buy them a little snack for like 10 pesos at the end of the day when they work with us.It was hard, because we were doing a half-day mission with our branch, so my companion and I had to split up. We were each with a big group from our branch and we went with them and visited a lot of less active people of our branch to share a message. It was fun for me though, because I went with our branch president's daughters and a few primary girls,so we focused on the kids of our branch. I love our branch presidents family, because their house is next to our apartment and they have a really nice house. Plus all their girls are like my closest friends here. Their youngest little girl is so so funny, and they all like to sit with me and teach me Tagalog, hahaha. Our branch president's little daughter likes to sit and tell me jokes, but they are not as funny as Nika's jokes. Next time she tells me a good one I'll have to write it down. I miss you guys a lot. Sometimes I have a hard time here so I just try to clean our house as much as I can. We FINALLY got bug spray to spray for our house and I spray it everywhere every day so our house is bug free. We cleaned everything so that its just really clean and comfortable for us now and feels more like a home. Just like what people say, the harder you work, the better looking your eternal companion will be, which is what my little companion says that all the time. she is so cute, hahahahaha! Send me more lotion please!!! OH YEAH, if you are ever wondering what to send me, SEND ME SOCKS! They are ALWAYS needed, as well. Pinka mahalaga ang mga sock (Socks are the most important). It was raining so hard one night (it didn't start raining until after we had been home for an hour), so I asked her if we could go back outside and if she'd take my picture. She thought I was so funny! The little river was drying up, because it didn't rain for a couple days so all these people where getting the fishes that were in the river. I love you guys, and miss you so much. 
Bye mom bye!!!

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