Monday, January 30, 2017

Week Nine!

This week has been good. My little companion is just the cutest person in the world, and I love her endlessly! Last Monday, I was struggling to do my laundry on time (since we have to hand wash our laundry), so when she finished her laundry she sat and helped me do mine. I'm so grateful for all the little ways like that that she shows her love for me. She can kind of just tell when I am struggling with something, and she is always there to help me. When I got here, it was funny, because Elder Vane is a Zone Leader in Cauayan City, and he is housemates with the 2 AP's. So as soon as we all got here from Manila, the two AP's were like, "Sister Parke! We've heard about you from Elder Vane." And they told me if I ever needed anything to let them know, haha. Most of the elders in my district also know Elder Vane, and they all already knew that we knew each other before we got here so they all think that's super funny. DAVID A. BEDNARD IS COMING TO OUR MISSION ON FEBUARY 24th! He is having a mission conference with our whole mission (about 170 of us), so I'm really excited for that. This will be the 4th apostle I've seen in the past 3 months, so no big deal, haha. The members here are all so funny and all the youth always want to work with me and kasama ko, so we have at least one or two of them with us almost every day. We have a lot of less actives in our branch, so we always council with the branch president to plan ways we can help them. MOM, my allergies have been really, really bad since I've been here because of all the cats and dogs running around so please at some point (it doesn't have to be soon), but I would like to kindly request more allergy medicine. Also, more motion sickness medicine. I don't know if I can find that here, but we are always traveling around and I am always getting motion sick. I'm learning Ilokano and Tagalog at the same time so it's so tough for me, but it is alright it's pretty fun. I'm so excited for the 6th when we go to Banawe for the rice terraces.

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