Friday, December 16, 2016

Week Two!!!

kumusta po kayo! 

Hi mom hi, lots of cool things happened this week. First of all, we got a new district in our zone yesterday with 6 missionaries speaking Tagalog and going to the Philippines! We got 3 new sisters and since I'm a Sister Training Leader, I got to welcome them in a little meeting. I have such love for all of them already. I also got to help pick up new missionaries from their cars as they got to the MTC yesterday and take them to their rooms and classes and that was such a cool experience for me and I liked that a lot. ON TUESDAY, ELDER JEFFREY R HOLLAND CAME TO OUR DEVOTIONAL!!! He talked to us all for almost a whole hour and his topic was on the Book of Mormon. It was one of the best talks I've ever heard. It was such a cool experience. He ended his talk with a personal blessing to all the missionaries there and it was the best thing ever! I've been having such a hard time with my companion, to be honest. I have such love for her, but I've been struggling. She is great, but she tries to be the boss of things, especially when we are planning lessons for our "investigators". I find that she often gets upset, and gets passive-aggressive with me when I don't do things her way. I'm not saying that I'm better or more right than she is, but I find that when we teach (she wants to go into a career of teaching) or plan lessons, she is often just focused on "teaching", instead of "teaching by the spirit". She gets quiet and will just not talk to me when she is unhappy with me not doing what she wants. But, I'm alright with it, because I'm very close with most of the elders in my whole zone and I just talk to them instead. I find a lot of comfort and real friendship with all of them, so they've been a blessing to me. One of the Elders in my district gave me a blessing of comfort last week when I was just having a hard time here and that has really helped me. We also get to go do a session at the Temple on our P-days which has been really nice, I've gotten to go to the Provo Temple twice now. Today, one of the sisters in our zone brought family names for our whole zone, and it was such a special wonderful experience. Sister Clegg sent me a letter from Dear Elder that I got the other day, and it was so sweet and thoughtful. I'm going to send her a letter back, but please be sure to tell her that that it meant a lot to me next time you see her. Lissa Brock is one of the Tagalog teachers in my classroom building and she helps with my class sometimes, too. It has been really nice having her around, and she always gives me a hug and tells me to tell you that she says hi anytime she sees me. For my evening class, my teacher is this cute little lady from the Philippines named sister Aitkin or something like that. She is so cute, and she reminds me of you, and she also always hugs me and tells me to say hello to my mom for her. she is pretty young and doesn't have any kids yet and she told me that she was so happy to meet me because now she looks forward to having kids that will look like me one day (she married a white guy and I told her I was half-Filipino). I like the pictures of Nika and Auston and Olly, so keep sending me more pictures. Things are weird here in the MTC, because it doesn't even feel like Christmas yet. The Lord has blessed me so much since I've been here and has answered so many of my prayers. I was having the hardest time with my companion and dealing with her, especially because in our residence all the other sisters share a room but it is just me and her in our room. I don't know, I just felt very alone, especially when Kasama ko is being difficult. So I prayed to Heavenly Father for some help, even though I didn't think there was anything to do about it. But the next day, after I did that, we found out that there was a sister at the MTC who had been here for a while and who didn't have a companion, since she is the only sister in her whole branch (she is going to Finland and her name is sister Olsen). Because the girl she had been sharing a room with was leaving the MTC for her mission in Sweden, she was going to move into our room. It was an answer to my prayer for sure and I know that no matter what my problems are, even if they are small and not a big deal and very insignificant in comparison to what they could be, my problems are important to the Lord and he looks out for me. One of the Elders told me last night after class that I was an answer to his prayers in that he was feeling very alone here, and my kindness and friendship has really helped him. He said he probably would've ended up going home, if I had not shown him the kindness that I did when I did. I feel blessed to be an instrument in the Lord's hands and be a means for the Lord to bless someone's life. I miss you guys a lot, and I hope you are all doing well!!! 

-- Sister Parke

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