Thursday, December 8, 2016

My First Week in the MTC!!!

hi mom hi! My P-Day is on Thursdays!

I am sending you 3 or 4 long letters all together telling you lots of details about my week so anything I mention in my email I will probably give lots more details about in my letter to you once you get that. I love the MTC, I love being here, I love my companion, I love my district, and I love my zone. My companions name is Joleen Dunlap, she is 21 almost 22 years old, she is from Reno, Nevada, she is a music major who has attended 3 years at BSU, She is also half-Filipino, her mom is from Manila, and we will both be serving in the Cauayan Philippines Mission! Isn't that weird? Our district has 7 people, me and Sister Dunlap are the only girls. There are 2 older districts in our zone but they leave for the Philippines this week so there will only be our district and the other district that got here on the same day as us for a while, the other district has 8 people in it with 4 sisters. The first day we were here we had to go to a welcoming meeting with the presidency of the MTC and everyone who got here the same day as me. There were only 67 new missionaries on the 30th of November when I got here so our group was so small! In the meeting me and my district sat at the very front and before the meeting the 2nd counselor in the presidency said he just had the feeling that he should come talk to me and my companion so he came and sat with us for a while. He told us how his daughter got endowed at the Manila Temple so he was very excited for us to go there. After the welcoming meeting the 1st counselor of the presidency came and talked to me and my companion and said he also just saw us and felt like he had to come say hello, he is originally from Boise and he went to BSU too so he was very excited to talk to me. The presidency didn't really stand around talking to anyone else for that long so it was pretty cool that they talked to us. At dinner, the 1st counselor also introduced us to his wife and sat with us at dinner for a while so it was pretty cool. On Sunday, they called new leadership for the zone since the older two districts are leaving this week and me and my companion were called as the STLs of our zone (sister training leaders) which means we kind of coordinate and watch out for and take care of the other sisters in our zone. It's pretty cool. I already love all the sisters and elders in my zone, we all get along very well and we love to all sit around together and talk and get to know each other. Also, I leave the MTC on January 11th! Our branch president just told us that on Tuesday! It's so exciting! I have a lot more to tell you but it will all be in my letters. I'll talk to you soon. Bye, mom!

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